Day 1 in Sydney: Unpacking and Darling Harbour

Picking up where we left off, we landed at around 6am and made it to the apartment by around 9ish. Sydney is on Australian Eastern Standard Time, which is GMT +10 hours during the winter and GMT +11 hours in the summer (October to April). So that means that I’m currently 17 hours ahead of Chicago, although the jet lag is only 7 hours. As a result, should you come visit us (and you should!), assume that it will take about about a week before you’re fully adjusted.

After spending a few hours orienting, organizing, calling people, etc, we were determined to get out of the apartment before we fell asleep. First stop: lunch and the grocery store. After getting a bite to eat and picking up the essentials, we decided to do a bit of exploring. Despite the strong urge to go see the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and all the iconic stuff on the first day, we weren’t really up for the walk, so we stayed a little closer to our neighborhood and walked to Darling Harbour instead.

$6 for one scoop is one thing, but $18 for a banana split?!

On the way, we started to notice one of the first things you’ll note about Australia: everything’s more expensive. This was all ok back when the Australian dollar was trading at around 70 US cents, but now that the AUD and the USD are about 1 to 1, your American dollar doesn’t quite go as far. I’m certainly looking forward to that first Australian dollar, cost-of-living-adjusted paycheck!

Darling Harbour and the Sydney Skyline

We spent the next couple hours wandering around Darling Harbour, checking out menus and watching the street performers. The harbour has a Navy Pier feel to it… lots of tourists, lots of restaurants, water, etc. We stopped by the Australian National Maritime Museum, though at this point it was nearing closing time, so we added it to our list of things to do.

After crossing the Pyrmont Bridge (which apparently swings to let ships through… totally missed that), we walked back up the other side, picked up some pamphlets at the information center, then stopped by the Chinese Garden of Friendship and adding it to the list as well.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

This was about enough for the day, so we walked back to the apartment and started debating where to find some dinner. At this point though, it was about 6pm and, running on only a few hours of airplane sleep and feeling like 2am, we opted to stay in before calling it an early night.

First impressions: Sydney is a fantastic place to live. It’s a clean and vibrant city with tons going on. Our apartment is on the edge of Chinatown, so everything is open late and people are out and about through most of the night. Sydney has a lot of things going for it: great weather, great location, tons of stores and restaurants, and, of course, there are awesome beaches. Stay tuned 🙂

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